About Us




To bridge the divide between the military and civilian worlds, simultaneously equipping military leaders for more meaningful and innovative service, whilst bolstering corporate effectiveness.  The MLC strives to unite people through active face-to-face engagement and thoughtful online discourse, inspiring mutually beneficial collaborations.



Our initiatives aim to build mutually beneficial relationships for both the military and the civilian worlds.  We believe in the value of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, taking every opportunity to broaden ourselves as military officers whilst remaining dedicated to our primary roles in the Service.  Bringing ideas and innovation into the MOD, we also share our own world-class training with the corporate world.



In contrast to veteran transition programs, the MLC is dedicated to sharing best practice before serving members leave the military.  For this reason, only personnel with at least one full tour remaining will be accepted into the program.



The MLC began in the United States Military in 2015.  Members are invited to attend the Milken Global Conference for two years.  The group has grown by around 10 members each year since then.  Members from across the DOD participate in a wide variety of programs annually, such as the Council on Foreign Affairs, Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, Defense Innovation Board, World Affairs and many more.  They have also successfully hosted their own events on bases across CONUS, helping to bridge the civilian-military divide.

The UK MLC is set up in parallel to the US version.  Members are encouraged to share ideas and schemes ‘across the pond’ to enhance both our personal leadership skills as well as the long-standing coalition between our two militaries.  Owing to the differences in recruitment, retention and veterans affairs between the US and the UK, the focus of each group is slightly different.  However, the shared vision to bridge the civilian-military divide and share best practice in our own workplaces remains constant.